Ashli Babbitt’s Mom Speaks Out: “My daughter died for this cause, I want my country back”


Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Speaks out, powerful words from this humble patriot whose made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms – her own daughter, a veteran and Trump supporter who was gunned down in cold blood while unarmed and attending the almost entirely peaceful protest on January 6th by DC Agent Lt. Mike Byrd.

Here is what she has to say:

“My daughter died for this cause, I want my country back”

“My daughter died for this cause, there are still political prisoners being held in DC jail under horrible conditions as a result of this. They were protesting our American birth right to go and redress their government because everybody in this country knows that this is a stolen election. So I’m here to be my daughter’s voice because it has been silenced.”

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