Biden, Trending Towards Grand Jury Investigation Dems in Panic


In This Report:

  • Biden claims he ‘never’ spoke to his son about Ukraine dealings, forgot son said the opposite
  • CNN anchors look glum and dejected after transcript vindicates Trump
  • WSJ journo shreds “attempt to take out a president” after transcript release
  • Rudy drops new bombs: Slams Obama cabinet ‘pattern of corruption’; claims China ‘bought’ Biden
  • Ukraine call transcript shows Trump sought Biden probe, asked about DNC server – but made no mention of US aid
  • Crooked Hillary freaks – Lashes out at Trump after realizing he brought up her scrubbed emails in call with Ukrainian president
  • You just can’t make this up! Hypocrite democrat senators wrote Ukraine last year to investigate President Trump
  • Liberal media lies and omits 500+ words from transcript to claim Trump asked Zelensky to investigate Biden – completely false!
  • Biden campaign in chaos after Justice Department admits ‘we may have to investigate Biden’
  • Full transcript of President Trump’s July call with Ukrainian leader Zelensky
  • Democrats freak out after transcript reveals POTUS Trump is on crowdstrike trail — he’s going after origins of Russia hoax!
  • Whistleblower complaint against President Trump released – anti-trump official accuses Trump of wrongdoing
  • And much, much more!

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