Big Pharma Takes a Hit, HCQ V The Censorship


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In This Report:

Welcome back my friend, this is Dustin Nemos of the Nemos News Network

In this episode, we’re going to talk about president Trump’s war against not only the deep state… but also Bill Gates Big Pharma Dr Fauci and the rest of the swamp and Big Pharma. He is making massive inroads into their fear campaign. 

We also have amazingly viral videos from these hero doctors… speaking out on the truth that’s being covered up by big tech across the board… even going so far as to censor president Trump’s own son Trump jr. 

We’re going to go through all of this and more.

Let’s dive in…

The news headlines are as follows: –

  • Twitter Removes Video by Frontline Doctor on Success of HCQ on COVID Patients After Trump Retweets Her… Think About That – Twitter Is Removing Info That Saves Lives!
  • STUNNING! Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr. After He Posts Viral Video on Successful HCQ Treatment for COVID-19
  • UPDATE– VIMEO TOOK DOWN THE VIDEO… LIVE VIDEO: Day 2 of “White Coat Summit” of Frontline Doctors Discuss Media Misinformation on Treating Coronavirus – UNTIL TECH GIANTS REMOVE IT!
  • “WE NEED YOUR HELP” – Brave Frontline COVID Doc Stella Immanuel Asks Patients Who Have Been Cured by HCQ to Speak Up (VIDEO)
  • Study: Vitamin C plus quercetin a solid remedy for coronavirus
  • HORROR: Elderly White Nursing Home Patient Seen on Video Being Brutally Beaten by Black Man Dies After Attack
  • UPDATE: Facebook Deletes the Video! – US Frontline Doctors Hold Presser in Washington DC to Dispel Misinformation on COVID-19 – Including Attacks on Life-Saving HCQ Treatments
  • Hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives if used for COVID-19: Yale epidemiology professor
  • Presenters – Q Con LIVE!
  • COVID-19 Treatment – Analysis of 65 global studies showing high effectiveness for early treatment
  • Democrats Start to Worry Support for Portland Riots Will Help Trump
  • “You’re A Real Class Act” – AG Barr Says What Americans Have Been Thinking for Years about Democrat House Chairman Nadler
  • BRUTAL! Jim Jordan Opens AG Barr Hearing with DEVASTATING VIDEO on Leftist Violence, Looting and Rioting in the Streets of America (VIDEO)
  • BREAKING: Antifa Throws What Appears To Be a Bomb At Federal Courthouse (VIDEO)
  • BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: In Early July BLM Contributions Moved to the Tides Center – A George Soros Linked Entity
  • “Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen”: Imminent Eviction Wave Is Coming To These States
  • RIGGED: Twitter Censors Videos of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference, Locks Breitbart Account



















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  1. This is Collusion with Russia !! Many people do not SEE Marx was a Russian, all these People like Mao killed there own people to cancel Chinese Culture, was a Marxist/Russian etc.. That is EXACTLY what is happening here in the USA. They have even stated this is who BLM is and they are making hostage demands.. The US Congress is a Traitor and has been committing Treason. Read also The 45 Goals Of Communism.. it also is a Congressional Record January 10, 1963,