Bipartisan Group of Democrat and RINO Senators Come to Agreement on Electoral Count Act — Will Require 20% of Congress to Challenge a State’s Electoral Votes


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

The Electoral Count Act is a proposed United States federal law that adjusts the procedures set out in the US Constitution for the counting of electoral votes following a presidential election.

The Act was first enacted by Congress in 1887, ten years after the disputed 1876 presidential election, in which several states submitted competing slates of electors and a divided Congress was unable to resolve the deadlock for weeks.

Via Wikipedia — Under the Twelfth Amendment, the vice president (as President of the Senate) opens the electoral certificates. The act clarifies the vice president’s limited role in the count. Both houses can overrule the vice president’s decision to include or exclude votes and, under the Act, even if the chambers disagree, the governor’s certification, not the vice president, breaks the tie.

Currently, a group of Republican and Democrat senators are working together to adjust the act so that Americans can never challenge a disputed or stolen election in the future.

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The proposed rules will require 20% of Congress, the House and Senate, to challenge the results from any state. That will make it impossible for weak Republicans to challenge any future stolen elections.

RINOs believe this is a good idea.

CBS News reported:

A bipartisan group of senators working to reform the Electoral Count Act has reached a general agreement and is working on legislative text during this work period, which ends June 24, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

The group met on Wednesday night to discuss changes to the law, which governs the way Congress counts and certifies votes from the Electoral College after each presidential election.

We had an excellent meeting last night where we resolved almost all of the issues,” Republican Sen. Susan Collins, of Maine, said Thursday.

Collins said the group has already drafted language that would make clear that the vice president’s role is ministerial in the process of counting Electoral College votes. The new language also raises the threshold for triggering a challenge to a state’s slate from one member in each chamber to 20% of the members in each body. There would be a majority vote for sustaining an objection.

“That’s all drafted and agreed to,” Collins said. “There are some other issues that are more complicated that we made a lot of progress on last night.”

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