CBS 60 in 6 Promo Featuring Dustin Nemos interview with CBS Correspondent Laurie Segall



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A few weeks ago, we had a Q Convention in Florida where friends and I celebrated the Q and QAnon movement.  On the sidelines, there were media interviews, including 60 Minutes.

Now, more than ever, the QAnon Movement has been highlighted for the truth that we expose.  The spotlight is on us, and it is not gonna be bright all the time.

One of the Qtip tells us to make a choice.

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Hypocritical [D] Party Panics, Calls for Radicalization & Violence. POTUS Assassination Thwarted

WW3 FlashPoint with China The Fight for SCOTUS & 2020. (And Beyond)

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  1. Why wouldn’t you trust fake news? The same people that are still pushing the Russian collusion narrative that was debunked? The people that are saying that Trump said to inject bleach into your veins? The ones who said Hillary would win in a landslide, Joe Biden is competent? Why wouldn’t you trust their numbers on the covid? Just asking. Those dead bodies are just piling up in the streets….oh wait.