CDC Admits Covid Tests Don’t Work


From the very beginning of the plandemic, experts have warned us that the PCR test is not a valid diagnostic tool in Covid-19 infection. Even more concerning is the amount of false positives these tests produce. The CDC now admits the PCR test can remain positive for close to 12 weeks. The test is cycled so many times that it can pick up dead viral fragments and other waste products from cells. The CDC recently changed the guidelines for isolation to 5 days instead of ten days. They recommend wearing a mask for another 5 days if returning to work or school. How many times is the narrative going to change? Plus what happened to 2 weeks in the beginning?

Since the beginning of Covid plandemic, the PCR test has been veiled in controversy. Experts initially warned about the high percentage of false positives. More importantly, this fraudulent test cannot distinguish between pathogenic viruses and non infectious viral particles. Dr. Lee Merritt pointed out in an August 2020 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness lecture, “media and public health officials appear to have purposely conflated cases or positive tests with the actual illness in order to create the appearance of a pandemic.” Remember the inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, explained it cannot confirm the SARS-CoV-2 as the causative virus for clinical presentation, since the the test is unable to rule out diseases caused by other bacteria and viruses. Health authorities have instructed labs to run high cycle thresholds (CT). This is the purposely being done, running tests at higher amplification to detect RNA particles. This in turn guarantees the maximum number of false positives. To run cycle thresholds over 35 times is not science, but criminal. The CDC recommends CT at 40, while the WHO at 45. If you run a test this many times, eventually some type of cellular fragments will be detected.

These false positives were used by tyrannical governments to implement policies to destroy global economy, ruin many lives with unlawful lockdowns and mask mandates, destroy the education system, and take away God-given rights and freedoms. All the precious time wasted in self-isolation, while waiting for results of PCR test, is quite unimaginable. Perhaps the most sinister aspect of the scamdemic is the “fear porn” created by fake news, Fauci the Freemason, lib-tard governors and school boards, and health officials. Walensky admitted on a CNN interview when asked about the reasoning behind the shortened restrictions for isolation stated “it really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate.”

Another baffling aspect of the new guidelines is the differing rules for healthcare workers. On December 23, 2021 the Center for Disease Creation confused Americans even more, stating that health professionals could return to work after 7 days if asymptomatic. Why do they have to isolate for seven days rather than five, since the test can remain positive for 12 weeks? Is there data available for “twelve week theory” on isolation? The 2 and 3 shot jabbed are being treated the same as the “unvaccinated.” That narrative has really changed over the last two years. I thought we were the “super spreaders.”

The fake PCR test does not measure how contagious the virus is. This is another form of Fauci hypocrisy, since if you are positive for 12 weeks after Covid infection, it is unreliable as an indicator of infection. Fauci really couldn’t answer this particular question, but as usual, danced around it! Related to this issue is the fact that the new variant, omicron, creates even more confusion. People are standing in line waiting for rapid PCR tests, but it doesn’t pick up omicron very well. Dr. Mercola claims “your viral load needs to be very high at the time of testing in order for the rapid test to recognize it. The admission came after Biden administration announced that the federal government would distribute half a billion free tests nationwide. What a waste of resources, which is typical of the Fed. What are these false tests picking up, common cold, influenza, or Covid?


I am extremely confused after writing this article, much more than when I started. The CDC’s blatant admission that the PCR test cannot identify infection brings up more questions. What happened last year when there were hardly any cases of “flu?” We know these people were obviously “Covid killed.” What type of infection did these people really have? Sorry folks today, I don’t have many solutions, just more questions. What about patients in hospitals who died from other causes, but deaths were blamed on Covid, such as motorcycle accidents, gun shot wounds, cancers, and autoimmune diseases? Wow these health officials and government leaders are psychopaths. It is time for Nuremberg 2.0 for crimes against humanity!
May Yahweh bless all and keep safe!

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