Censorship & Silver Linings, Election Fraud & Targeting Updates. Mask Mandates x2


In this episode of The Silent War:

We explore the latest in Censorship updates, Newsmax and Rumble are censoring while Silver is Running out (Only, they tell you it’s crashing & plentiful. – If you believe that, try FINDING IT!)

Updates in the Stolen Election of 2020 and new Mandates for Double Masking on Public Transportation or ELSE!

Civil Disobedience has always been powerful. Learn about it’s historical use.
For a quick lesson on Silver check out Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of Money”
Lin Wood targeted by corrupt China puppet he exposed, GA Secretary of State Raffensperger, for political harassment in the form of, you can’t make this up – an investigation into LIN WOOD FOR VOTER FRAUD!

Twilight Zone is here…

In Case You Missed It:

How to End the Fed, CDC Faked 1600% C19 Deaths, Election Fraud 2020UPDATE, Flu is MISSING USA!

Emergency Broadcast – Silver is SELLING OUT and ALMOST GONE! – SOMETHING BIG HAPPENED!

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