Chris Steele/Orbis/and Skripal Poisoning Connection !!!


The observant daughter of Colonel Alison McCourt spotted two individuals collapsed on 3/5/18. This setting was Salisbury/England and this incident would have worldwide repercussions.

Post Q# 1974 on 8/28/18 (in part):
If the FAKE Steele Dossier constituted the ‘bulk’ of the facts submitted to FISC to obtain FISA warrant(s) against POTUS…….

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia we victims of a poisoning that almost killed them both. A rare and very toxic nerve agent called Novichok was used.

Post Q# 1164 on 8/16/18 (in part):
NOT PUBLIC: Five Eyes UK/AUS/POTUS targeting.

The exotic nature of nerve agent Novichok in this military grade almost screams of a ‘false flag’ attempt. Novichok is not available to the general public and almost impossible to acquire by international criminal cartels.

Post Q# 2633 12/20/18 (in part):
”McCain associate shared unverified Steele dossier with BuzzFeed” court filing says.

After two additional victims fell ill nearby the entire Salisbury area underwent a massive decontamination clean-up. Two Russian nationals were captured on closed circuit video at the scene and later identified.

Post Q# 2107 on 9/17/18 (in part):
’KNOWINGLY’ used FALSE intelligence?
Think HRC [paid for] FAKE DOSSIER [bulk].

Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga is a GRU intelligence officer and his partner Alexander Petrov are wanted for this murder attempt. Black Hats attempted in a ‘false trail’ to link Christopher Steele and his employer Orbis to well known double agent Sergei Skripal.

Post Q# 1069 on 4/7/18 (in part):
America for sale.
Systemic weakening of the U.S.

International warrants and EU/Interpol alerts have been issued for this pair. England has already tried them and they are globally wanted criminals.

Post Q# 2129 on 9/10/18 (in part):

This was a black ops mission and obviously had several operational layers. A near death message/warning was sent out by the Kremlin to future traitors and a false trail planted to play into Steele-Russian narrative.

Skripal was convicted by Russia in 2004 of espionage and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Sergei was exchanged in 2010 as part of an infamous ‘spy swap’ between Russia and England but involving the United States as well.

Post Q# 972 on 3/28/18 (in part):
Intelligence A’s across the globe in partnership to spy on citizens?

History will remember the other half of this spy exchange was for Anna Chapman and her sleeper agent families. FX’s “The Americans” portrays the real life spies of ‘Operation Ghost Stories’ involving U1/HRC/Mueller/Strzok as well known characters in today’s unfolding ObamaGate/SpyGate political scandals.

Post Q# 1944 on 8/28/18 (in part):
Given magnitude of spy campaign (U.S. Presidential Election Republican Party Nominee Candidate and President Elect and President of the United States) would HUSSEIN be required to DIRECT ORDER?

Spy vs Spy has been a theme we have notice being played out consistently. We are entering [Movie 3] and the end to this choreographic masterpiece.

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