ClownShow KungFlu, and the Silent War


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This report has more updates on —


  1. what’s happening behind the scenes in the silent war,

  2. what’s happening with the coronavirus, and

  3. the clown show i.e. presidential nominations on the left.
  • The translator in ‘Trump Tower meeting’ told the FBI ‘no collusion’ but was left out of the Mueller report. What more can you expect from the leftists who want to leave out anything that does not help them against Trump. It’s not about justice is it? It couldn’t be!

  • Trump takes out top Iranian revolutionary guards’ commander in Iraq – general Siamand Mashhadani killed in US strike.

  • Greece erects massive concrete blocks on the border to halt migrant wave from Turkey.

  • Putin unleashes Strategic Hell on the US with Russia’s very low oil prices.

  • February China Economic Data collapses massively more than expected.

  • CNN debate: Bernie Sanders confirms his healthcare plan will cover illegal aliens.

  • Joe Biden backs taxpayer funded abortions during dem debate, says his healthcare plan requires it.

  • Joe Biden: ‘In first 100 days of my administration, no one, no one will be deported at all’.

  • New southern border wall stops 90% of illegal crossings.

  • US Southern border flooded with nationals from coronavirus countries

  • Dr. Fauci says he’s open to “national shutdown”, warns domestic travel ban “not out of the question”.

  • Chaos as ‘enhanced screening’ airports overwhelmed; us citizens scramble back from europe.

  • Covid-19 & the sun: a lesson from the 1918 influenza pandemic that the sun is extremely helpful in fighting influenza.

  • Chinese tycoon mysteriously disappears after criticizing XI’s virus response.

  • Johns Hopkins and Gates Foundation hosted a coronavirus pandemic simulation last October!

  • National Guard activated in six states to combat Chinese Coronavirus

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CoronaVirus National Emergency, Resignations, & Weaponized Media

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