Club for Growth Backed Rep. Chip Roy Endorses Ron DeSantis for President


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

Republican representative Chip Roy of Texas has officially endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis to be President.

The endorsement from Rep. Roy puzzled many Conservatives considering DeSantis has yet to officially announce he’s running for President.

In a tweet, Roy wrote “Ron DeSantis for President of the United States” and would proceed to attach his official letter of endorsement.

Roy’s endorsement of DeSantis shouldn’t be too surprising considering in the 2022 election cycle, Club for Growth members contributed $114,995 to Roy’s campaign.

Club for Growth also donated over $2,000,000 to Governor Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign.

Club for Growth previously issued this statement about Rep. Roy:

Club for Growth PAC congratulates Chip Roy on his victory in Texas’ 21st Congressional District. Roy, a Club for Growth PAC endorsed candidate, defeated Democrat Claudia Zapata.

“Chip Roy has been a conservative fighter in the House, winning Club for Growth’s Defender of Economic Freedom Award twice,” said Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh. “Roy has consistently stood up to Joe Biden’s radical spending agenda and will be a voice for a pro-growth agenda in the new majority.”

Club for Growth members contributed $114,995 directly to the Roy campaign.

Jim Hoft at the The Gateway Pundit reported way back in 2016 that Club for Growth spent over $2 million dollars in an anti-Trump ad campaign in Illinois.

In response to Rep. Roy backing DeSantis, Twitter users “ratio’d” the lawmaker from Texas.

A tweet from conservative commentator known as “Catturd” tweeted out a pepe the frog meme holding a sign “Don’t Care Still Voting Trump”.


President Trump has called out Club for Growth on numerous occasions.


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