Concerning Mr. Zuckerberg: And The Truth Was Not Found In Him.


By Jeremy Howard.

It is a well-known fact that the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, loves to be the center of attention. There is even a movie made about him and the life experience of making Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg as the star of the movie in October of 2010. This very week of October 18, 2019, Mark Zuckerberg also known as Mr. Zuckerberg found himself in Washington D.C. for a series of meetings and talks on various subjects. Mr. Zuckerberg also sat for a quick interview for the new Disney owned Company of Fox News. Disney Corporation bought Fox news fully on March 19, 2019 and has since run under their banner.

The interview with Fox news was with the journalist, Dana Perino. I was reading the Gateway Pundit and noticed that Mr. Zuckerberg told the audience of College Students and Fox News journalist Dana Perino that he is a believer in Free Speech. (Gateway Pundit, Dana Perino, 2019) The interview banters back and forth with simple questions most people already know, or he has openly stated before. The shocking part is where Gateway Pundit put in a large direct quote from Mr. Zuckerberg himself. Basically it is Mr. Zuckerberg’s belief that private companies have no right basically to answer politicians in the news or other news platforms. Mr. Zuckerberg states also that he thinks everyone needs to decide for themselves who to vote for and also what to believe. The interview became a draw dropper after that. In the world of Disney: Pinocchio’s nose would have grown six feet in seconds.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire is basically what the Gateway pundit points out in its short discourse on this. After several years of Facebook actively purging and shadow banning every Pro Trump channel, page, and video concerning our Great and Wonderful POTUS Donald J. Trump, Mr. Zuckerberg is officially caught in a Big, Big, Big, lie. All Democrat left leaning media has been consumed with lying, and misleading propaganda and Facebook never deleted a single one or shadow banned anyone in the last several years. (Gateway Pundit, Dana Perino, 2019) Everyone is encouraged to look that up on the Internet and verify for yourselves’ those facts.

Here is the link to read all the great examples of censorship and acts of discriminatory deletion the Gateway Pundit dug up as just a few of the thousands of examples that would make anyone with a conscious blush.

In a quick summation we can say after the fact: And The Truth Was Not Found In Him.