Conrad Black: The Trump-Haters Are Now Desperate


Reported by: The Epoch Times

An image of former President Donald Trump and his family is displayed on screen during the third hearing of the January 6 committee on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 16, 2022. (Drew Angerer/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

Peggy Noonan and I have recently confirmed that our political disagreements absolutely will not stand in the way of our long friendship. This is timely, as in her latest pronouncement upon the ever-shifting and more desperate perspective of civilized Trump-hate (defined here as making some effort at analysis, no matter how nonsensical, and not just primal scream therapy like most Trump-haters) in the Wall Street Journal on June 16, she presented the most delusional version of the Trump-cancellation argument that has yet been made by any otherwise serious person still capable of rational comment on the subject.

The five thin and vibrating tent poles holding up the porous canvas of Trump-denial now, according to Noonan, are: 2020 was a pristine election incapable of serious doubt; Trump was trying to overturn the election result by intimidation on Jan. 6; there’s no merit in the Trumpism without Trump argument—his administration was a complete failure in every policy area; his scores of millions of supporters don’t really support him and they’re deserting him; and all those who turned themselves inside-out and in some cases violated election and vote-counting statutes to bring Trump down have no responsibility whatsoever for the almost indescribable catastrophe of the present administration. The proportions of this failure need not be considered. Both parties will just take lots of emetics, allowing nature to take its course, and move on as if the Trump-Biden years never happened.

No matter how their political vision is marred by the phobia that has turned much of America’s professional political community into jabbering lunatics from whose foreheads cuckoo birds lurch out shrieking anti-Trump epithets at the mention of his name, a diluvian watershed mid-term election disaster for the Democrats is now only four-and-a-half months away. As many as a hundred victorious Republican candidates will have benefited from Trump’s endorsement. Trump certainly leads in the polls of Republicans for the 2024 presidential nomination, is by far the strongest campaigner in either party, and he’s the architect of the rejuvenation of the Republican Party by using traditional capitalism funneled into job-creation in low-income districts and poaching heavily in traditional Democratic working-class and minority fiefdoms. He’s the first presidential candidate since Franklin D. Roosevelt that tens of thousands of people all around the country will stand in the falling snow for hours to see and hear.

Most Republicans believe (with good reason) that the 2020 election was compromised by doubts over millions of unverified, harvested ballots, and vote-counting anomalies in several swing states. They know there were unconstitutional changes of voting procedures supposedly to accommodate COVID-19 problems, and that the judiciary failed to address any of the substantive issues. The courts may have been right to reject Rudolph Giuliani’s poorly prepared pin-pricks, but declined to hear, for process reasons only, any of the 19 lawsuits brought on the constitutional questions that over-clouded the whole process.

The last thing in the world Trump wanted on Jan. 6, 2021, was an onslaught on the Congress; he warned Speaker Nancy Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser of possible danger to be avoided and offered 20,000 national guardsmen to prevent what happened, and was declined. And he asked his supporters to act peacefully.

The current congressional hearings, which Noonan purports to consider “a powerful indictment, well-documented and undeniable,” are a disgrace. No cross-examination, no Republican presence, no contrary witnesses; all the committee members chosen by Pelosi are among the most rabid Trump-haters. They read their comments from teleprompters—scripted by the television producer hired to present this malignant fairy tale. The anti-Trumpers of all descriptions—from the pathological to the merely self-interested to the sensible minority that merely find him stylistically irksome—know that the last chance to stop Trump is the Jan. 6 kangaroo court, to try to portray him, one more time, as an outlaw.

Attorney General Merrick Garland, ever-vigilant in his self-assigned mission to oversee subversive parents of schoolchildren who don’t want their children brain-washed into loathing America, portentously announced last week that he’s watching the Jan. 6 committee hearings. They will try to indict Trump if they can, despite the failure of prosecutors to find any plausible connection to him—not to win, but to immobilize him through the election. Once again, they should beware of what they seek: The Republican nominee would then be someone supported by Trump and would resume the enactment of his policies, and any such charges would ultimately disgrace the Democrats very durably.


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