CoronaVirus vs the USA – Trump vs the Fake News


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This video has the day’s Coronavirus news consolidated.

The biggest news is that WHO finally declares coronavirus a global ‘pandemic’

Across the country on Coronavirus,

  • New Jersey OB-GYN doctor and close ally of Ted Cruz was at the CPAC Conference and has been identified as Coronavirus “Patient Zero”.

  • Testing positive for Coronavirus, we have the following in the news,
    • Two employees at CBS test positive for Coronavirus. The company shuts its NYC Offices.

    • DC staff member for Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) tests positive for coronavirus

    • Tom Hanks and his Wife Rita Wilson announce they have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

  • President Trump announces payroll tax cut relief – paid sick leave – in response to Coronavirus panic. Bans all travel from Europe for 30 days.

  • NBA suspends season. We all know they hate Trump…

  • Leaked Covid-19 documents indicate that hospitals have prepared for 96 Million infections & 480K deaths; just to get some idea of what may be coming.

On the International Front,

  • Italy is still in the news as its doctors in northern Italy are greatly overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients, practically “One step away from collapse”. Over 1,000 people even got cured.

  • 83% of affected countries have had less than 1% deaths from Coronavirus.

  • Wikipedia slashes Spanish Flu death rate to 2% from 20%. Wondering what happened there…

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Clowns, corruption, and Pedophiles. Biden & the Swamp

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