Corruption, Shootings, Comey, Flynn, & More


In This Report:

  • ‘Attempted Coup’: GOP Rep clocks Comey for ‘Abuse of Power’ and ‘Systematic Effort’ to Target Trump
  • ‘My money, my choice’: Comedian Dave Chappelle tells audience that if women have a right to ‘kill’ their babies, men can ‘abandon ’em’
  • Where’s the outrage? 17-year-old arrested for Alabama football game shooting, charged with 9 counts of attempted murder.  Click “Play” to find out why there is NOT 24/7 coverage of this mass shooting in this report.
  • District Attorney’s office pursues riot charges against 15 Antifa thugs in Portland — Yes, that’s a hammer! 
  • US unleashes Military to fight fake news disinformation
  • Corrupt US Attorney Jesse Liu was involved in Mueller cases where evidence withheld from defendants -now she’s involved in decision on whether to indict crooked Andrew McCabe!Jessie K. Liu should not be practicing law. She should be disbarred, impeached and indicted.  She is the US Attorney involved in three Deep State Mueller related cases where the government is withholding or withheld evidence from the defense.  And she is involved in other corrupt cases.
  • Rudy Giuliani: ‘Prosecutions will happen’ following damning IG report on Comey
  • HUGE! President Trump tells reporters 13% of US companies will be leaving China soon!
  • US slaps new tariffs on China — one minute later China retaliates!
  • Outrageous! Deep State DOJ refuses to grant security clearance to General Flynn’s Lawyer Sidney Powell — Refuses to turn over original 302 document
  • YouTube says it’s “More important than ever” to be an open platform one day after massive banning spree. 
  • And much, much more!

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