DAIRY TECHS IMPRISONED WITHOUT BAIL (full story) | Pennsylvania Farming Arrest Food Laws Due Process


In this special report:

On April 10th Rusty Herr was arrested at a county office.

On April 11th at 6:45am Ethan Wentworth was arrested from his home in the presence of his family by local law enforcement.

Both men were admitted to their respective county prisons where they served a 30 day civil sentence, without opportunity for bail.

At the time of their arrest and imprisonment, the men, their now-attorney Robert Barnes, local news outlets, and even the State Veterinary Board allegedly had no idea as to why (or for what crime) they were being imprisoned. At the onset, stories began to circulate that this was an arrest by the state without due process.

Due Process being a Constitutional Right twice instated via the 5th and 14th amendment, the 5th amendment citing:
“No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”

ACLUPA.org cites: Due Process Guarantees “the government cannot imprison someone or take away his or her children without allowing the person to challenge the governments actions”.

An arrest without Due Process would be one of the most significant infringements upon American civil liberties.

I spent about 3 days combing state and county records to retrieve a timeline that would either confirm or deny this was the case.

I am going to provide the timeline from those state records with no personal opinion interjected, however I do have some commentary I will leave at the end and I do welcome you the viewer to listen very closely and leave your opinion in the comments below.

Pennsylvania Dairy Technicians Imprisoned without Bail 0:00
Timeline of events 1:50
My thoughts about the case 8:01

Source: The Shepherdess


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