Debunking More Myths Concealing the Real Cabal



The purpose of this study has been to correct several contemporary MYTHS that have become very powerful on the internet alt-media channels. These MYTHS are harmful in that they obscure the actual identity of the Cabal, which is quite real. They also obscure how the Cabal operates.

Since there is a Cabal intent on world domination, it is in its own interest to remain obscure at least until its goal is achieved, and perhaps even afterwards.


The Bilderberg data exposes

(1) concentrated influence of Zio-Globalists in that organization and

(2) the agenda of that organization to extend its influence across the planet, i.e. Globalism

However it also exposes the limitations of the Zio-Globalists.

The data clearly reveals that the Bilderberg group is part of the Cabal, or its tool, but not the Cabal itself. It reveals that Bilderberg is dominated by American interests penetrating into EU. Entities of the EU that participate in Bilderberg knowingly collaborate to advance American (Atlanticist) agendas. However, the Bilderberg Group does not exercise exclusive control of Europe.

This contradicts the frequent commentary that there is a European-Rothschild banking assault on America. Actually, it is exactly the opposite. The American Cabal spearheaded by Goldman-Sachs has infiltrated and degraded many top EU banks. When such banks in that category, such as Deutschebank, collapse from Goldman manipulation, it will bring the destruction of the European Union government in Brussels.

American elements are controlled by Zionist NGO’s directly linked with Israel. The Israeli government did not create these NGO’s. In fact the NGO’s support  the government of Israel. Their subsequent economic support of Israel is the only reason that it has continued to survive. In other words, Israel is a creation of Zionism and its sole source of life.

Although the Cabal has an agenda for world economic, military and political domination, its leaders have their own narrow parochial background which limits their ability to assess rationally the world they wish to control. They have their own prejudices which they are unable to overcome. Thus they do not WANT to admit the existence of things which their prejudice finds unacceptable. They do everything they can to suppress it. Because this is emotionally or subconsciously driven, some of their efforts to suppress will backfire on them. It will be critical to analyze the psychological profile of the Cabal.

The Cabal is composed of several distinct power groups which sometimes conflict with each other. The Cabal is not homogeneous. Its partners have neither a leader nor a figurehead. They have many assumptions about themselves and the world.

The Cabal has neutralized the US President who is subservient to CIA, Pentagon, State Dept, banking cartel, and media cartel. Together they constitute the Globalist Cabal and manipulate the President.

The MYTH representing the real Cabal obscures its weaknesses. The MYTH itself is psychologically dubious, which suggests that it may actually derive from the Cabal itself.

Bilderberg data indicates that the Cabal is composed of

  • Intelligence agencies (US, UK & Israel)
  • Military-industrial complex
  • Media (mass propaganda and surveillance)
  • Financial partners (Goldman proxies networked in western central banks and Fed Reserve)

Intelligence (1) infiltrated (2) and (3) and organized its own extra legal funding sources. Intell is dependent on financial systems to launder its illegal money gathering activities which are essential for it to operate outside government supervision or control. A select few banks participate in order to make a profit, since they can get away with it by intervention of CIA whenever threatened by investigation. The banks have been protected thus far by the combined control mechanisms of (1), (2) and (3). The Cabal exercises manipulates the government but has not yet actually assumed direct full dictatorial control.

Zionism accomplished the tremendous historical achievement of creating a new sovereign state in the Mid East against immense international opposition, and managed to do this through subversion (intell #1), propaganda (media #3) and military (#2) all of which required funding (#4).

Zionists were able gradually to get control over key sectors of the US government in order to accomplish their objectives. Their power in these sectors had apparently become absolute until Hillary’s election loss to populist Trump. The polite term for them is Globalist, but in fact they are actually Zionists. Trump’s largest support group consists of Evangelicals most of whom are intensely pro-Israel and prominent in the military.


  1. US banks do not control the world. The top 10 Asian banks control half of the assets of the world’s 23 largest banks. In comparison US has only 4 banks which own 1/6 of the total, and those banks are seriously infected with derivative debt.
  2. The Zionist community has minimal presence in the top 23 banks. But the Cabal cannot function without those in EU and US, so it has cultivated contacts inside them and makes every effort to make them partners.
  3. That community has no presence in the top 4 US banks except in JP Morgan. Its financial power functions through the Goldman Sachs network which is a recent phenomenon that only got started in the late 1980’s. Goldman’s influence is spread throughout the western financial world where it placed proxies in the US Federal Reserve and central banks in Europe and British Commonwealth countries.
  4. Zionist presence is conspicuously absent in the top US banks directorships and companies, but overwhelmingly present in Bilderberg and other NGO lobby groups. Therefore they clearly targeted NGO’s and media through which to      exercise influence.
  5. NGO’s such as Aspen Institute and Council on Foreign Relations are Globalist networking organizations always in uniform alignment with the Zionist agenda. These groups dominate the political forums and academia. Gradually they have become outsourcing clients for the US State Dept, CIA, and Pentagon.
  6. The Chinese PRC economy and banking system is stronger than US media likes to portray. Highly centralized government control of the financial system will enable PRC to survive western financial collapse caused by derivatives and insolvency. In the worst case scenario PRC has the power and willingness to use its power to cancel bank debt and simply eliminate infected banks replacing them with a strong new state owned bank.




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