Donny Deutsch Says Trump Won’t Leave Peacefully, Capable Of Starting A Civil War (VIDEO)


The cast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe like to view themselves as the defenders of truth and justice in an age when such ideals are supposedly under attack by President Trump. Any presidential hyperbole is condemned as a lie, while their own hyperbole is speaking truth to power.

As part of their panel on the Michael Cohen testimony, the morning show had on Cohen’s friend Donny Deutsch who resurrected the old, evidence-free talking point that if Trump were to be impeached or lose in 2020, he would not go peacefully.

Deutsch declared that in 2016, “When he thought he was going to lose, he was teeing it up for a few days.” He then went on to claim that Trump could do, “Whatever inner move you think this guy is capable of doing to create a civil war.” He then said with a straight face, “I’m not speaking hyperbole.”- READ MORE

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