Election Fraud Coverup, Border Crisis, Killer Cuomo, The Q Smear Grift


In this episode of The Silent War:

Cuomo’s lies are falling apart, his actions led to thousands dead, and then his office tried to cover it up by re-writing reports.

Border Crisis – Trump demands Biden DO something about the massive border emergency.

Maricopa County officials are burning or shredding evidence! Apparently.
And the Q grifter division – friend or fake MAGA Foe? Are they just really ignorant and naive, or are they actively trying to feed the FBI reasons to call Q and MAGA patriots Terrorists? Including the Source of the March 4th Lies, busted in another huge lie! (Gene Decode and CirstenW are the liars in

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#Suicidevax is actually increasing the rate of infections (dramatically) and disease.

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