Epstein, Clinton Coverups, Supreme Court Threatened by Left


In this report:

There is even more evidence that Epstein was murdered.

Other news in this report:

  • Shocking FOIA document shows FBI agreed to cover up and ignore all Hillary crimes in its 2016 investigation
  • Epstein’s “Madam” was found!  Ghislaine Maxwell living with tech CEO in $$multimillion oceanfront mansion.
  • Autopsy finds broken bones in Epstein’s neck.  This is typically associated with homicide by “strangulation rather than suicide”
  • Epstein had a portrait of Bill Clinton wearing Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress in the Oval Office inside his Manhattan Mansion.
  • Police, Bomb Squad & FBI Surround Google Whistlblower.  Google turns bomb robots, police dogs & guns on defiant insider
  • And more!

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