Fake MAGA/Anti-Qanon-Will They Ever Admit The Truth !!!


“The Choice To Know Will Always Be Yours”

Big league Hat Tip to our own Dustin Nemos, for launching the hunt into Fake MAGAs within our ranks. QAnon has asked us to purify our movement internally of these implanted trojan horse characters, well termed as Fake MAGA.

Post Q# 1796 on 8/2/18 (in part):
Fake MAGA supporters.

Reddit’s first purge came in March with the banning and total deletion of the Calm Before The Storm (CBTS) sub. At this same time a few leading “Q”-YouTubers backed off QAnon coverage and this was the prelude to a mass exodus in late April that would follow in planned stages of “divide and conquer”.

Does this pattern sound familiar:


The Sin of Pride is the deadliest of the seven sins and is evident in the mass opposition of POTUS/QAnon. These actions go way beyond one Presidential election and what has been normal DC “Swamp” politics.

Post Q# 1870 on 8/14/18 (in part):
Think ALL outlets utilized and FAKES [Fake MAGA].

The Corsi/Jones/Zach stunt in late early May, was a corporate boardroom organized attempt to eliminate QAnon from the Alt/New Media venue. Most current broadcast personalities have deliberated ignored the oncoming wave of QAnon. Many have dismissed “Q” out of hand as a regular LARP/anonymous source, not worthy of their coverage or even attention.

Nothing to see here, move along!

Many of the Alt/New Media broadcasters fear QAnon as competition to their base followers, instead of as a partner in this war against the Deep State. Controlled opposition always gives out 95% truth, so as to hang around for the 5% critical disinformation. This is when they can effect the outcome or direction of their followers. as per their overlords direction.

Post Q# 2250 on 9/21/18 (in part):


Beginning after the infamous Trump Tampa Rally, all of the MSM outlets stated a full court press of negative Qanon stories. The second big MSM negative surge came after the Reddit ban on the Great Awakening subreddit and the public face of the “Q” movement.
The old ways of division are reflected in the philosophy of a ruling “Uniparty” of corruption and inaction. These groups have dug-in and bet everything on the failure of President Trump and the discrediting of QAnon (just a LARP).

Post Q# 2088 on 9/5/18 (in part):
Why are the majority of “Q” attacks by “PRO MAGA” supporters coming from AJ or AJ known associates.

Coincidence would have it that during this same period of onslaught from the MSM, Fake-MAGA folks started to pound on QAnon at the exact time. Figures like Jack Posobiec/Jerry Corsi/Lee Stranahan/Anti-School/and others, were then activated to work against ”Q”.

Timing is everything, especially in a psych-op and guess who has just returned after taking  few months off-Zach. The censorship of QAnon in September was timed with the magical return of  “InfoWars  Zach”.  History will square away all of the traitors and point out all those that were faithful to President Trump/Qanon.

Post Q# 1987 on 8/29/18 (in part):
See how FAKE NEWS works?
See how CLICKBAIT works?

These FAKE MAGAs have worked in perfect unity with their waves of attacks against QAnon. They claim exclusivity over all broadcast information on the “Truther” (now gone to “Proofer”) subject realm. These broadcasters do not seem to be open to any other possibilities other than their own their narrative.

The question is, when will the Alt/New Media come to grips with QAnon and fully accept us all into their private exclusive “Sand Box”. We are firmly against ALL CENSORSHIP but have to purify the “Judas Figures” deliberately implanted in the QAnon movement.

“Information Is Meant To Be Free”

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