Flynn Targeted Vendetta by McCabe over EEOC Case !!!


FBI Whistleblower Supervisory Special Agent Robyn Gritz was fried in 2015. Robyn had been a highly decorated counter-terrorism expert and General Flynn has written a letter of commendation for Robyn in 2014.

Post Q# 97 on 11/5/17 (in part):
Game theory.
What is Flynn’s background?
Was he involved with intel ops?

General Flynn even tried to testify at Ms. Gritz’s hearings but was deliberately denied this opportunity. Robyn filed an Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) complaint against the FBI and Andrew McCabe in particular.

Post Q# 1282 on 4/27/18 (in part):
Who interviewed Flynn?

The crux of this case began with a sexual discrimination charge over a promotion and was later upgraded to include workplace retaliation. Once McCabe had learned of the lending EEOC complaint, he engaged in what was later proven to be harsh penalties directed at Ms. Gritz, primarily as payback for her filed discrimination complaint.

Post Q# 1265 on 4/25/18 (in part):
We all have a part to play.
We knew FLYNN would be challenges.
Part of the plan?

Future proves past, as it now appears there was a coordinated attack to remove General Mike Flynn as President Trump’s NSA. Involved with this plan to setup and force the removal of Flynn were senior officials of both the FBI and DOJ (Flynn/Yates/Strzok/more).

Post Q# 2164 on 9/12/18 (in part):
SESSIONS and FLYNN [targeted] for [immediate] removal/recusal?

Flynn’s “sting op” featured an intercepted phone call to the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and the bogus claims of later lying about the call to VP Pence. Sally Yates advised President Trump of this “Compromising Position” that NSA Flynn was now entangled and suggested his removal.

Post Q# 2042 on 8/31/18 (in part):
FISA warrant issued/approved FLYNN.

Recently a tragic and strange death occurred to a very close friend of Robyn’s. Investigative journalist Jen Moore was found dead in a DC hotel room. Jen has just told Robyn she had discovered documents that tie the Clinton’s into a pedophile ring and she feared for her life.


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