FTC, Google Whistleblower, ICE Attacked


In this report:

  • Leftists threaten ICE contractors and their children — “We know where all your children live”
  • Shots fired into occupied San Antonio ICE building — One person injured.  SUSPECTS STILL AT LARGE!  Politicians and media being blamed
  • Two illegal aliens are charged with raping an 11-year-old girl in Maryland
  • FTC Chairman Joe Simmons says he’s prepared to break up far left Big Tech Firms
  • CNN’s Don Lemon sued for allegedly ‘vigorously rubbing his genitalia’ then sticking his fingers in a man’s face.
  • Google insider turns over 950 pages of docs and laptop to DOJ
  • Google “machine learning fairness” whistleblower goes public, says: “burden lifted off my soul.”
  • and much, much more!

Click the “Play” button and turn up the sound for this report from Dustin Nemos.

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