Good vs Evil – Everything is at Stake


In This Report:

We explore the new Q, a powerfully worded letter from Archbishop Vigano about the good vs evil nature of The Great Awakening. And we discuss the hopeless [D] Plan to Cheat the Election, and their backup plan to take it by Force.

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In Case You Missed It:

Arch Bishop Vigano once again sending a letter to president Trump – and it’s powerful.

Trump Landslide Victory despite it all. Be Ready for ANYTHING!

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  1. Is Q still posting ? Are you still breaking down Q post since youtube has taken down everything relating Q
    Unless of course your calling it a so called conspiracy theory or trying to debunk it that’s all fine. It took me along time to jump in the Q movement until I saw how much they were attacking Q and trying so hard to discredit Q why are they so scared if it a B.S conspiracy theory? They wouldn’t be, at this point let’s say Q wasn’t real he was just some kid living in mom’s basement would have to be a smart kid if I might add then this kid deserve a metal because it’s woken up alot of people and got them researching for themselves me included.