How Rothschild Wealth is over estimated to distract from the Cabal



How Rothschild Wealth was over estimated & used to distract from the Cabal

A BOND BANK PACKAGES AND THEN SELLS A BOND SECURITY —- It does not loan its own money and does not own the security.

First the BOND BANK does due diligence on the borrower’s financial capacity to repay the loan —- the loan is the bond —- usually the borrower is a sovereign government but this has been expanded in 20th century to include hospitals, municipalities etc.

After making the due diligence, the BOND BANK also provides a BOND RATING. Some BOND BANKS have great credibility due to honesty and financial expertise. Customers such as pension funds sit on waiting lists for good bonds. Superior bonds are usually pre-sold before being issued. In other words, the BOND BANK’S reputation influences how buyers decide which bonds to buy.

The Rothschilds issued top rated bonds for solid governments in EU and for infrastructure projects such as railroads and canals in 19th cent America. Before the Civil War America’s financial infrastructure was so undeveloped that it had to go to England to secure a BOND BANK to package the bonds and sell them.

The Rothschilds had a top reputation in this field and charged reasonable fees. Its business model was very long range to advance and maintain its own AAA reputation —  and thereby acquire an elite group of important loyal customers.

They did not cheat or cut corners, and were energetic. They could RAISE funds from their pool of investors very rapidly. Their investment offerings were invariably solid, which expanded their reputation and business connections while other banks wasted time deciding on deals.

Internet theorists ignorant of banking practice and history misunderstood Rothschild LOANS assuming the funds belonged to the Rothschilds themselves. They did not use their own money — but charged a FEE — They were excellent MONEY HANDLERS — not the source of the loans. The source was the customers WHO PURCHASED THE BONDS.

This is how many internet sources have mistakenly evaluated Rothschild wealth far beyond what it really was.

Courage to bust this myth is needed in order to expose the real cabal. The Goldman Cartel now has a strangle hold on the FED, the top five US banks, and largest EU banks. This was accomplished by placing their partners and former executives in leadership positions throughout elite financial institutions. Goldman is prepared to make a quick exit when the FED is dissolved and the debt ridden large banks collapse. The public will put the blame on red herrings implanted into their consciousness for many years thanks to internet myth makers.

Goldman’s business model is very short term and based on destroying value —i.e.  asset stripping and selling financial paper called derivatives devoid of asset value— the opposite of the historic Rothschild model building infrastructure and solid government bond issues. Goldman’s power derives not from owning everything but by controlling the central bank system and being able to manipulate it through practiced techniques.

Substantial portions of the Cabal’s profits are spread worldwide in tax havens and front companies in many international jurisdictions. This means that it might be impossible to put an end to the Cabal’s activities except by banning them from doing business by individual nations. Some nations might ban them but many will not. Therefore there will always be places for the Cabal to take shelter.

The Rothschilds have earned both hatred and great respect for being the earliest supporters of Zionism and the foundation of Israel. They are being used as a convenient scapegoat as the primary force behind the Federal Reserve. This deception only serves the real Cabal which is a lethal threat world wide.