“HUGE Victory for Election Transparency,” Says Kari Lake – Lawsuit to Obtain Mail-in Ballot Signatures Is Going to Trial!


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

Trial dates were set on Thursday in one of Kari Lake’s lawsuits for publicly available evidence in Arizona’s stolen 2022 election.

Lake filed previously filed a special action lawsuit against Maricopa County after they illegally denied her team access to the fraudulent 2022 mail-in ballot affidavit envelopes. 

The Gateway Pundit inspected hundreds of 2022 mail-in ballot signatures and corresponding voter registration records in Maricopa County through a public records request and reported on the clear fraud involved. See the obviously mismatched signatures here:

These records were not provided to Kari Lake and her attorneys before her election contest trials with Judge Peter Thompson in the Maricopa County Superior Court. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Thompson dismissed Lake’s case despite evidence that hundreds of thousands of signatures were “verified” by Maricopa County in less than three seconds each.

In June, the Gateway Pundit reported on a hearing over Maricopa County’s Motion to Dismiss, where the Judge told Maricopa County he is “not convinced that the ballot affidavit is a voter registration record.” Therefore, the records would not carry a privacy exception to public records law, as Maricopa County claims.

Judge John Hannah published a new Minute Entry Thursday, setting dates for a two-day trial on September 21 and 25 to determine whether or not Kari Lake is entitled to inspect public election records. Adrian Fontes, the former cartel lawyer and questionably elected Secretary of State, represented by the fraudulently elected Attorney General’s office, filed a Motion to Intervene and defend Maricopa County’s hiding of these records. A response from Lake’s attorneys is due at noon on August 28.

This is evidence they need to prove the election was stolen in the ongoing appeal against Judge Thompson’s bogus rulings, and the election fraudsters are terrified. Lake’s attorneys are expected to file an appeal to the dismissal of her case and fight it all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary.

Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit,

“Our lawsuit against Maricopa County seeking to review envelope signatures is moving to trial in September. Judge Hannah has declared that the envelopes are NOT part of the “voter record,” which destroys the county’s motion to dismiss & their entire defense case.

This is a huge victory for election transparency.

We’re moving forward.”

Support Kari Lake’s historic legal battles at SaveArizonaFund.com and KariLake.com!

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