IG Releases Draft FISA Report/ Elite Celebs Rally Around PP


In This News Brief:

  • AG Barr receives FISA abuse report from IG Horowitz
  • Top FBI agents take aim at Wray; Damaging high-level leaks planned
  • Planned Parenthood Exec makes major admission about baby body part harvesting
  • Protesters gather at West Price Hill Planned Parenthood ahead of closing
  • Why is Planned Parenthood opposing bans on child marriage?
  • Billie Eilish to donate Atlanta Festival earnings to Planned Parenthood
  • How the Clinton foundation works with the Entertainment World to give back
  • Girls who appeared to be 11 to 12 seen with Jeffrey Epstein getting off his plane in 2018 as authorities eyed his travel abroad
  • A Harvard professor doubles down: If you take Epstein’s money, do it in secret
  • Renowned MIT scientist defends Epstein: Victims were ‘entirely willing’
  • Democrats frown on targeting gang databases with ‘red flag’ laws
  • And much, much more!

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