Impeached, Soros investigated, Barr, Obamacare DONE, Bloods vs Sharia, Dems 2020 Odds Dying


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In This Report:

  • “Ridiculous” and “Really Sick” – Evil Nancy Pelosi Responds to President Trump’s Historic Letter on Impeachment

  • Boris Johnson Orders Investigation Into George Soros Over Anti-Brexit Campaign

  • ‘F*ck Your Masjid!’ – Notorious Black Street Gang “Bloods” Threatens Muslim Community Patrol in Brooklyn – Issues Dire Warning After Explosive Confrontation

  • 100+ Doctors Demand Assange Receive Safe Passage To Hospital “Before It Is Too Late”

  • Graham warns Giuliani: ‘I hope you know what you’re talking about’

  • Virginia county to fund militia, per US Constitution, in wake of Democrats’ gun-control agenda

  • CNN Impeachment Poll Has Bad News For Democrats: Support Among Democrats Drops By Double Digits

  • Kevin McCarthy Brings Resolution Condemning Abuse of Power by Schiff and Nadler in Impeachment Proceedings

  • “You Have Found NOTHING!”: Trump Sends Scathing Letter To Pelosi Slamming “Illegal Attempted Coup”

  • Thanks, Pelosi: RNC Collects $25+ Million From 600,000 New Donors Since House Took Up Sham Impeachment

  • BREAKING: Speaker Nancy Pelosi THREATENS to Withhold Articles of Impeachment from Senate Unless They Bow to Her Demands!

  • HUGE! DOJ IG Horowitz Confirms Evidence of Political Bias in FBI Text Messages

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg Suggests Senators Can be Disqualified from Upcoming Impeachment Trial if they are Not Impartial

  • President Trump Posts Chilling Meme After Lawless Democrats Vote to Impeach Him For Non-Crimes

  • Pelosi Silences Impeachment Cheers From Democrats as She Drops Gavel, Adopts Article One

  • And much, much more!

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Q Discusses Justice Phase & Barr

The FISA Court Just Rebuked Comey & the Deep State FBI


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