Joe Biden’s Policies Result in 250,000 + Child Rapes in 2021 – 100+ Vaxxed People Catch Covid


In this episode of The Silent War:

We break down the math based on reports and estimates of illegal immigration, trafficking, and demographics to show that Joe Biden’s policies are leading to a quarter million or more children who will be raped coming into our country through the southern border. Also, vaccinated people can still catch the virus – so why take the #Suicidevaccine

My heart hurts from this video. I need to pray and spend some time in solitude…

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We are on track for over a QUARTER MILLION CHILDREN TO BE RAPED illegally immigrating to the United States in 2021 because of Joe Biden.

Estimates Show US Is on Track to Encounter 2 Million Migrants on Southern Border in 2021

2,000,000 estimated illegal immigrants.

Report: Nearly 80% of Women and Girls Crossing into the US by Way of Mexico Are Raped or Assaulted

80% of the women and children are raped.

According to Wikipedia, which is shit – but probably a low estimate as the left tends to downplay the illegal immigration issue, 17% of illegal immigrants are children – based on past trends in illegal immigration. 17% of 2,000,000 illegal immigrants is 340,000 children. 80% of 340,000 is 272,000 children raped or expected to be raped in 2021 based on Democrat’s open border policies.

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