Laptop From Hell Cannot be Stopped. Trump Moves to Drain the Swamp


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President Trump moves to Drain the Swamp directly, and the Laptop From Hell continues to Defy Censorship, Damage Control, And Spin Attempts. This is turning into an exciting pre-election Drama that will seal the landslide Silent Majority victory in 2020.

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FLASHBACK:  How the spirit, strength and belief of revival carried on to President Trump, and how the old revival Bible ended up in the oval office…

Now is the time to bring this one back… Many new people haven’t seen it, and YT purged it.  Click here for History of Donald Trump’s Bible and The Hebrides Revival >>

History of Donald Trump’s Bible and The Hebrides Revival

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  1. Dustin, Thank You for your faithfulness to getting the real news out to the world! Vindication is coming! You and your beautiful family are the Example for the new generations in the brave new world that’s coming. I’m Very proud of you. Watching from Canada

  2. From Serbia – official:’The latest data show that mortality from covid19 is slightly higher or the same as with seasonal flu, except in high-risk populations. Reduced movement has led to lower deaths in traffic, but something has increased mortality from cancer. Total mortality is unchanged in most countries’