Legal Defense Funds or Old Fashion Dose of ‘Humble Pie’ !!!


An old school approach to the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Elect would be for losing side to just admit defeat. HRC explained the real reason for never conceding was simply “If he wins, we all hang.”

Post Q# 1362 on 5/14/28 (in part):
[They] are afraid.
They are losing control of the message.

In past societies it was customary to forced stubborn individuals into eating some ‘Humble Pie’. If someone eats humble pie they are admitting that they have been wrong and they apologize.

Post Q# 1834 on 8/10/18 (in part):

The Progressive Leftists and Never-Trump crowd keeps doubling down against POTUS/MAGA. At some point rational sane individuals will have to join POTUS/Team QAnon in the clean-up and quit assisting with the cover-up.

Post Q# 1242 on 4/23/18 (in part):
Clowns losing control.

For the sake of the country we must move on or let’s make sure this never ever happens again. Watch out fellow Patriots for those that will start the universal drumbeat of this narrative:

For the unity of the country, we must all now ‘Forgive and Forget’.

I have noticed the beginnings of this layered defense the guilty failed coup plotters are employing. Deep State minions will appear in broadcast and print acting as pretend peacemakers.

Post Q# 1233 on 4/21/18 (in part):
They will lose the black vote once Haiti revealed.

A common theme of forgiveness will be suddenly pushed upon us all. Cop-outs like all politicians are crooked and these actions have occurred before in a lesser degree, so no biggie (Danger-Beware).

Post Q# 354 on 12/14/17 (in part):
Remember, they never thought she was going to lose.
How about a nice game of chess?

The ‘Sin of Pride’ is said to be the foremost of the deadly sins. Pride is vanity and a preoccupation with yourself about always being correct.

Post Q# 1424 on 5/20/18 (in part):
Follow the PEN.
They are losing [all] control.

Pride is like an infectious disease and sickness that infects your soul. Liberals of today find fault in others, very superficial, defensive, never wrong, attention seekers, and an unfounded air of superiority are characteristics.

Post Q# 120 on 11/6/17 (in part):
Why is controlling the narrative important?

The Mockingbird Media will assist these co-conspirator mouthpieces we can now readily spot. Thanks to QAnon we can see the Fake MAGAs and paid Shills as they spin their false narrative scripts.

Post Q# 1010 on 4/4/18 (in part):

“Warning Danger Will Robinson” should be broadcasted in advance of this upcoming narrative pivot. Black Hats will continue to try to silence QAnon and shield the truth about ObamaGate.

Post Q# 350 on 12/14/17 (in part):
Shall we play a game?

When you hear it said “the past is the past, let’s all move on”, do not let that statement stand. Humanity held the ground after WW2 and an example was made for all of mankind to remember.


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