Los Angeles makes plans to place new Planned Parenthood on high school grounds


Reported by: SARA

Los Angeles is contemplating where to place its next Planned Parenthood facility and appears to be landing on none other than a high school campus. Notably, the clinic’s website acknowledges that “under California law minors have the right to consent to reproductive health services without parental consent or notification.”

While the clinic would not be offering abortions, puberty blockers or hormone therapy to students at the school location; however, the staff would be allowed to refer students to off-campus Planned Parenthood sites for “services not offered.”

Families and taxpayers should be horrified that the Norwalk-La Mirada USD is considering a partnership with Planned Parenthood,” Parents Defending Education president and founder Nicole Neily told Fox News.

“The fact that the contract specifically notes that ‘under California law minors have the right to consent to reproductive heth services without parental consent or notification’ is appalling in and of itself.”al

Referring to the possibility of students being referred to off-campus clinics for “services not offered,” Neily continued, “Other Planned Parenthood clinics do provide gender-affirming hormone therapy, so there is a very real possibility students will be referred off-campus to receive this treatment – again, with zero parental notification.”

“To add insult to injury, there is no way for parents to EVER obtain this information, as the contract asserts that all medical records are to be maintained by Planned Parenthood,” Neily said.


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