Maryland Democrats Push Rationing of Rifle Purchases, 7-Day Waiting Period


Maryland Democrats Are Pushing Rationing Of Rifle Purchases, A 7-day Waiting Period On All Gun Purchases, And A Licensing Requirement For Rifle And Shotgun Owners.

Leap Forward lists over 50 Democrats who are pushing HB 786, the legislation limiting the number of rifle purchases each month, enacting the waiting period, and putting the licensing requirement in place.

HB 786 also puts universal background checks in place for long guns and allows the Federal Firearms License holder performing the check to charge “a reasonable fee” for so doing. HB 786 is complemented by Democrat-sponsored SB 737, which focuses solely on a universal background check requirement for long guns.

Maryland already has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country, yet Baltimore is rife with murder and mayhem. – READ MORE

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