MI Senator Goes OFF on Dirty Democrats After They Pass Bills Making It Impossible For Board of Canvassers To Investigate Election Fraud in Crooked State of MI [VIDEO]


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

Michigan Republican Senator Jim Runestad (R) is a true warrior for election integrity in the state of Michigan. Runestad and a handful of Republicans in the Michigan legislature have been ringing the alarm bells in Michigan, as they recognize the serious potential for mass voter fraud in future elections thanks to the passage of one radical election-related bill after another by Democrats since they gained majorities in the House and Senate in 2022 after 40 years of Republican control.

On May 1, MI, Democrat Senators passed Senate Bills 603 and 604. Senator Runestad has been ringing the alarm bells ever since, warning that it would be a disaster for election integrity if these bills passed in the House. Yesterday, Senator Runestad went off on his Democrat opponents after the Democrat majority in the House rammed through legislation that will prevent the board of canvassers in Michigan from investigating voter fraud and strip them of subpoena power related to questionable or fraudulent elections.

The bills would require the board of canvassers to refer any allegations of fraud to the relevant county prosecutor rather than conducting a recount. In many cases, prosecutors in the state are highly partisan, and the fear is that the result may look the same as in 2020, where legitimate evidence of fraud was mocked and discounted.  According to the newly passed bills, only alleged errors could merit a recount, and only when the alleged errors could potentially change election results.

Senator Runestad condemned the actions of the radical Democrat lawmakers in Michigan in a tweet that read:

Today, the Michigan Senate Democrats overturned 70 years of election law in order to commit a disgusting gutting of our election recount protections. The passage of this bill is a complete disgrace!

The Senate Democrats concurred with the House version of a bill that guts our bi-partisan board of canvassers’ current ability to conduct fraud investigations. The bill also strips the board of subpoena power and only allows fraud” over to the hyper-partisan, Democrat Michigan Attorney General and the hyper-partisan Democrat them to “refer prosecutors in the Democrat-controlled cities where the fraud is most likely to occur.

If the Democrats vote to restart the session and make these changes effective before our elections this year, it could have national implications should Michigan require a recount.

Michigan voters should be outraged at the Democrats for passing this election corruption-enabling bill today!

MI Senator Jim Runestad (R)

Senator Runestad admonished the borderline Communist Democrat majority for passing these bills in a blistering rant:

“After 70 years of this bill, the Democrats have stripped out the ability of the Board of Canvassers to investigate fraud in a recount and to get subpoena power! And now, you referred off to these hyper-partisan individuals who will never prosecute this. This is an outrage that we have had this bill passed!”

Watch Senator Runestad’s rant here:

Perhaps the Democrats don’t want to suffer another black eye like the humiliation of having a member of the general public threaten the life of Palmer, her teenage daughter, and her husband after a Democrat State lawmaker doxxed Ms. Palmer for refusing to vote to certify the 2020 Wayne Co. election.

In Michigan’s 2020 primary election, a whopping 72% of Detroit’s absentee voting precincts did not match the number of ballots that were cast. In the 2020 general election, 70% of the 134 absentee voting precincts were out of balance, which means 70% of the precincts didn’t match the number of recorded ballots that were cast.


In November 2020, Republican Monica Palmer, chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers and fellow Republican board member Bill Hartman refused to agree to vote “yes” to certify the election 2020 general election. Palmer and Hartman were bullied by other members of the Wayne Co. Board of Elections, and the general public was given the opportunity to publicly humiliate and verbally flog both of them from the comfort of their homes on a public Zoom call.

Former Wayne Co., MI Board of Canvassers members Bill Hartman (L) and Monica Palmer (2nd from left)

The stunning threat came from a newly elected Democrat State Rep. Abraham Aiyash.

MI Dem Rep. Abraham Aiyash

Democrat Michigan State Rep Abraham Aiyash delivered a chilling warning to Monica Palmer’s “kids” as he identified which high school Palmer’s daughter was attending on Twitter. He repeatedly named where Palmer lives and warned her that her daughter’s black classmates might not be very happy to find out about her mom’s

Thanks to MI Democrat Rep. Aiyash, Katelyn Jones, a New Hampshire resident, and the rest of the world knew where Monica Palmer’s teenage daughter attended school and where Monica and her family lived.

Palmer’s refusal to certify the crooked 2020 election in Wayne County, and the subsequent doxxing of her family resulted in a death threat from a woman living in New Hampshire. The woman sent a bloody photo of the tortured corpse of a teenage girl with a warning to Monica: “I don’t tolerate people like you, in fact, I consider you to be a terrorist and do you know what happens to terrorist Monica???

Republican vice chair of the House Elections Committee MI Rep Rachelle Smit, who is also a former city clerk, had this to say about the passing of the radical bill that would force citizens to accept election outcomes, even those that are wrought with obvious fraud.

Rep. Smit, who was not happy about the passage of the radical bill, told The Center Square that it was a mistake to remove allegations of fraud as an allowable reason for recounts.

“Under current law, vote recounts may be done based on allegations of fraud or mistake, but the legislation voted on today not only removes fraud as a reason for a recount but also states that recount petitions may only allege an error and requires petitions to be based on the notion that the election results would have been different without that error.”

When asked about the passing of the bills by the Democrat majority today, Rep. Matt (Mad Dog) Maddock (R) told The Gateway Pundit: “Everyone knows the democrats rig elections, and now they will rule with absolute force to stop anyone from challenging them next time they cheat!”

Rep. Matt Maddock (R)

Maddock continued, “Democrats want to demoralize voters so they don’t vote, and these laws let them vote for you, and there is nothing you can say or do about it, so you better sit down and shut up.”

Maddock is a bulldog in the fight for the freedoms of Michigan citizens and has spoken out multiple times about the importance of election integrity. Democrats do not want to see the popular Maddock re-elected in November and will pull out every dirty trick in the book to stop him.


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