Michigan Clerk Explains Broken Election Laws, How Jocelyn Benson’s Office Insisted Illegal Voter Be Allowed to Register and Cast Vote in 2020


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

Baldwin Township is a small Michigan jurisdiction with just 1,600 residents, and a smaller number of voters. So when a fake registration was filed to vote in 2020 by a Canadian citizen, Clerk Cathy Pittsley knew that it wasn’t a real voter and she had the time to investigate and determine the voter wasn’t real. 

“The first danger sign was that I could never get ahold of them, by phone or mail.”

“They didn’t have any ID, they didn’t have any serious proof they lived in the district, and they certainly had nothing to show that they had met the basic legal requirements to be considered a resident or a voter,” Pittsley told the Gateway Pundit. “There were all these red flags, but they were responding over email.”

“She said all of her identification had burned up in a fire five years ago, and when I looked up the address she provided as her residence, it wasn’t in the tax records, utility records, it didn’t show up anywhere. Since this is a small town, I decided to do my own investigation.”

Pittsley went out to the address provided and found that it was an empty field. There was a dilapidated storage building that clearly hadn’t been in use over the last 30 years she said. There was nowhere that someone could conceivably live. “There wasn’t even a driveway. I can’t find any record of anyone paying taxes at this address. No signature provided so there’s nothing to check their ballot against, and no ID.”

So Clerk Pittsley told the prospective voter that, according to state law, there was nothing she could do without some proof of residence or proper identification.

Within the hour she had received a threatening call from the Secretary of State however. Far-left Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who oversees Michigan’s elections, was having her deputies in the Bureau of Elections threaten Pittsley to have the prospective voter registered immediately.

“They gave me four hours to have her registered, or else. I didn’t think this was a fight worth having.” After pressure from the Secretary of State’s office she was forced to register the voter.


The Department cited to both the UOCAVA and the LEAVE Act, which provide for military ballots to be treated differently, and for American citizens abroad to have the ability to cast votes based on their “last known address” in America.

Clerk Pittsley explained to the Gateway Pundit: “This registration to vote came in without any identification, with an address that seemed suspect, and with a story that wasn’t credible, and she hadn’t lived in America in over 30 years. She still wanted to vote in the 2020 election though, but she wanted her absentee ballot sent to British Columbia.”

Because of loopholes in election law, there was an argument about whether it was a valid legal request. The military and citizens abroad voting laws allow anyone to register for an absentee for any reason and turn it in via email. Clerks refer to these voters as UOCAVA voters, referencing the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

“My jurisdiction only has 1,600 people, but if you think that this is for sure happening here and I just happened to catch this one because it was so obvious, if it’s happening elsewhere at the same rate that’s thousands of other illegal voters across the country.” 

“I wasn’t able to confirm this was a real human being, but they were allowed to vote and cast an absentee ballot in 2020.”


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