Michigan county avoids using Dominion Voting System machines in upcoming primary, will count ballots by hand


A northern Michigan county that encountered controversy regarding the 2020 general election has decided to hand-count every ballot in an upcoming primary instead of using machines from Dominion Voting Systems.

Antrim County commissioners voted unanimously to hand-count the votes of the upcoming May 4 primary. The commissioners rejected a proposal from county clerk Sheryl Guy to apportion $5,080 to hire consultants to prepare Dominion voting machines for the upcoming primary.

Commissioners are concerned that reprogramming the machines and then using them in the primary would violate a judge’s order. The machines could be evidence in an ongoing lawsuit; reprogramming them could delete data relevant to the case.

“If we use them, we have to delete them, which is contradictory to a court order,” commissioner Terry VanAlstine said before the vote, according to the Epoch Times. “We can’t delete the data that’s on the machines. If you use the current machines, they need to be swiped, they need to be cleared. And we can’t do that.”

“We are left with equipment not ‘certified for use’ as required by the Secretary of State,” Guy said.

In order for the voting equipment to be ready for the primary, it has to be tested for accuracy by April 29. – READ MORE

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