Millions Drop from Food Stamps/ MN Parents Fight Back Against PP


In This News Brief:

  • 6.2 million Americans drop off food stamps under Trump – saving the country $750 million annually
  • Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton teaming up to take on 2020 Democratic field
  • NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio mulls requiring licenses for bicyclists
  • Joe Walsh accuses Trump of “eliminating” GOP primary elections
  • Sen. Thom Tillis: Investigation into Blasey Ford’s attorney possible after Kavanaugh remarks
  • Reporter offered massage at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion suspected intelligence ‘honey trap’
  • I was a sex educator trained by Planned Parenthood; here is what I taught your kids
  • Minnesota parents rally to ‘protect kids’ against state-mandated Planned Parenthood sex education
  • Planned Parenthood seeks cash after bailing from US program
  • And much, much more!

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