Murdoch Happens to Run Disgusting Hit Piece on Russell Brand as RFK Tells Brand: “Covid was a Military Project from the Beginning”


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

The Regime wants to take these guys out for telling the truth: Russell Brand and RFK Jr.

On the weekend, Fox/Murdoch-owned London Times launched a vile character assassination attempt on leading British podcaster Russell Brand, accusing him of raping 4 women 10 to 15 years ago. All the women who were “approached by Times reporters” and convinced to accuse their ex-lover Brand had months-long realtionships with Brand and voluntarily sought his company or visited his house. Brand denies the allegations, saying that all his sexual relations have always been consensual.

Katy Perry ex Brand has 6.61 M subscribers on YouTube and is one of the top podcasters in the world. Murdoch’s Fox News only has 10.6 M subscribers on YouTube and has tanked it its ratings since firing Tucker Carlson in April.  Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt stated that Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox owner Lachlan Murdoch personally for talking about secret US biolabs in Ukraine.

While an armed man tried to gain access to a Robert F. Kennedy Jr. event in Los Angeles Friday, the Biden Regime continues to deny the Kennedy nephew, Biden’s leading challenger for the Democratic nomination, Secret Service protection.

The latest conversation between Russell Brand and RFK demonstrates why the Regime Media are so desperate to stop them from speaking the truth.

Speaking to Russell Brand, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said:

“The weird thing about the pandemic was this constant involvement by the CIA, the intelligence agencies, and the military. When Operation Warp Speed made its presentation to the FDA committee called VRBPAC… It shocked everybody because it wasn’t HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA, or a public health agency. It was the NSA, a spy agency that was the top agency that led Operation Warp Speed, and the second agency was the Pentagon.

The vaccines were developed not by Moderna and Pfizer. They were developed by NIH. The patents are owned 50% by NIH.

This was a military project from the beginning.

Nor were they manufactured by Pfizer or by Moderna. They were manufactured by military contractors, and basically, Pfizer and Moderna were paid to put their stamps on those vaccines as if they came from the pharmaceutical industry. This was a military project from the beginning.

One of the things I detailed in my book is twenty different simulations of coronavirus and pandemics that started in 2001. The first one was right before the (2001) anthrax attacks, and the CIA sponsored them all. The last one was Event 201, which was in October 2019.

One of the participants was Avril Haines, the former Deputy Director of the CIA, who has been managing coverups her entire life. She did the Guantanamo Bay, spied on the Senate, and she is now the Director of National Intelligence, which makes her the highest-ranking officer at the NSA, which managed the pandemic.

So you have a spy who is convening these Pandemic Simulations.

Each of these simulations going back 20 years was not simulating a Public Health response. They’re not doing those kinds of things: ‘How do we stockpile vitamin D, get people outdoors, losing weight, doing exercise.’ (It was never about) How do we develop an information grid connecting the 15 million doctors, front line physicians all over the world who are going to be encountering this disease, so we can put together a model of what works and what doesn’t. None of that happened.

We had an incredible opportunity for managing a pandemic in a way that was intelligent, sensitive and devastating to the disease, but we didn’t do any of those things.

It was all about how you use the pandemic to clamp down on censorship. How do you use it to force lockdowns.

Every pandemic preparedness document from the major health authorities like the CDC, WHO, European Health Organisation, and NHS in Britain, all of them said you don’t do lockdowns. You quarantine the sick, you protect the vulnerable, and you let everybody else go back to work. Because the lockdowns actually amplify the disease. If you isolate people, it breaks down their immune system. And if you lock them indoors, it’s gonna spread a respiratory virus.

All the things they were doing were about clamping down totalitarian control.

If you look at (WEF sponsored conference) Event 201, it’s still on YouTube, and go to the fourth seminar, (the participants included) then-Deputy Director of the CIA, Avril Haines, Bill Gates, a lot of Tony Fauci’s people, the pharmaceutical industry, Big Media, Bloomberg, all the social media companies, and the director of the Chinese CDC, George Gao. This was in October 2019. Nobody knows about coronavirus, and yet they’re drilling a worldwide coronavirus epidemic.

We now know coronavirus was already circulating in Wuhan. The Chinese knew about it by September 19.

George Gao was the head of the Chinese CDC and the Chinese expert on coronaviruses. So clearly he must have known.

On September 19, 2019, a month before that simulation, the Chinese military kicked down the door of the Wuhan lab, went in and took all the genomic sequences off the public-facing websites, started destroying all the links between the lab and the virus, and put a military general, General (Chan) Wei, in charge of the lab.

Some of (the Event 201 participants) must have known it was already circulating. The fourth simulation that day – you can go on YouTube right now and look this up – they talk about how can we stop people from saying (the virus) came from a lab leak.

The people who are leading that discussion are the (Deputy) CIA Director Avril Haines and George Gao from the Chinese CDC. 

George Gao said, ‘We have to censor social media. We have to stop them from saying it’s a lab leak. Anybody who says that needs to be deplatformed.’

This was six months before all this started happening.

Avril Haines said, ‘We have to flood the zone with ‘authoritative voices’ who dismiss the idea this was a lab leak.’

So, either they were incredible soothsayers, or there’s something weird going on.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr. had already described how the Pentagon and CIA outsourced their bioweapons program to Anthony Fauci, as Gateway Pundit reported.


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