Dems Final Push, Must Stop Trump or Prison


In This Report:

  • “I am with Mueller”: Newly released Rosenstein emails reveal cruscade to investigate Trump
  • Trump amps up complaints, says Pelosi may be guilty of treason
  • Pelosi and Schiff updated house “impeachment process” on August 12, 2019 – The same day as whistleblower complaint received!
  • Intel Community Inspector General stonewalls Congress – refuses to explain why he backdated secret changes to whistleblower form
  • Crazy as hell Liz Warren about being fired for being pregnant – and now there are records to prove it
  • Obama officials including Ambassador discuss toppling Ukrainian government and replacing officials, with Biden’s approval – but this was ok according to media?
  • Candace Owens slams Democrats in powerful speech at the White House
  • Now-anti-Trump drudge losing traffic to anti-establishment site whatfinger
  • 5G cell phone radiation: How the telecom companies are losing the battle to impose 5G against the will of the people
  • And much, much more!

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Nothing can stop what is coming… Nothing.

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