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Viruses are the bane (extremely bad), of all living organisms, that is anything that is living. We now show an excerpt from Happy Preppers and what they say about a large viral outbreak.

“No one is immune to fear” Such was a line in advertising for the movie Contagion, starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude
Law and Kate Winslet. Hollywood may have dramatized a virus
that doesn’t really exist, but they have also illustrated a very
real threat to mankind. Pandemics kill and can kill quickly! A
pandemic, such as 
bird flu, can happen in a matter of hours and
last up to eight weeks, and you can get it simply from being at
the wrong end of a sneeze or by being on a transcontinental
flight. Yet surviving a pandemic is possible” (, 2019)

Most people catch a virus in their lifetime, once to many times a year. The common cold is a virus. There are other viruses that you can catch that last a lifetime. Some Kill, others maim. The Virus is so small it can’t be seen with a microscope or the naked eye. Yet, they are real and deadly, cost money, lives and time. Some very simple steps I will outline will help you limit your chances of getting sick from a virus or other diseases that are around any major city in any part of the world. The types of disease and illnesses can vary by region or country, but with the ability of anyone to travel quickly and with mass transportation disease can easily move around the world before it can be stopped.

Here is a list of supplies to help you survive disease free, viral free

1 or 2 gallons of Bleach, Masks, Goggles, Disposable gloves, waterproof apron, disposable gown or full body disposable suits. Harbor Freight sells this all, or EBay. The best way to imagine a virus is that everything is covered in bright red ink, and if you touch it, it transfers on to what you touch. Double glove your hands if you are handling anything that can rip or break your gloves, or buy better tougher gloves. Carry spare gloves in case you are moving around in an infected area. In Home Depot’s paint section or Lowes you can find tougher rubber gloves in small, medium, or large.

Safety Tips

Step one: in a known outbreak Stay home unless you have a dire need to get something stay away from outbreak areas, wash your hands often and just keep them away from your face.

Step one: in a known outbreak Stay home unless you have a dire need to get something stay away from outbreak areas, wash your hands often and just keep them away from your face.

Step two: keep your dirty hands away from your face, Don’t rub your eye, pick your nose, pick your teeth, scratch your ear if you are out and have not washed your hands, you infect yourself most of the time.

Step Three: incubation period, you might not know? Does it matter??? Not really, stay free of all infected areas and people unless properly trained, outfitted and prepared to die if you ignore any of the following precautions I will outline. There is a saying: Stupid is as Stupid is. Most think they are smarter than they actually are, that includes me when I was younger. Most safety labels come from stupid people doing stupid things, think on that. Its not an insult to admit you don’t know something. Lemmings follow Thousands every few years over a cliff into the ocean to drown. Just because you can does not mean you should. Let me get to the list of survival supplies to help you become a expert on keeping You alive, and others who may depend on you. 

My list to keep the precious, You, alive!!! 

Masks, Goggles, Disposable gloves, waterproof apron, disposable gown or full body disposable suits. Harbor Freight sells this all, or EBay. Remember if you have to go into an outbreak area (people who are sick and dying are there), you have to throw away or burn everything you are wearing depending on how bad this virus is. I have worked with some that will kill you in less than 24 hours if you get skin contact with them. That’s double gown, full body suit and ventilated air like you are underwater to handle and deal with. These things are real and not to be messed with unless you have years of training.

Bleach: let me go on to the benefits of having several gallons of bleach available to you in your safety area, it kills all life so bleach is your friend in a virus outbreak. Having a low dish or pan to step into with bleach is essential to survival, you step in it with your shoes to about an inch level before you leave the infected area, that may be outside of your apartment or house, or your bedroom if it gets really bad.

Email, text, or share this report to your friends and family members that are tracking the Storm ... or who need to be. Nothing can stop what is coming... Nothing.  

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I will attach a great web link to help you if you need a total preppers guide to survival.

This next web link is for the more nerdy reader on the science side of understanding everything about virus outbreaks.

If you think you have been exposed stay away from unexposed people, isolate until you know you are safe or you get sick and have to try and survive the disease the hard way by fighting it off with your immune system.

Let me wrap this up by saying most of you will never have to face a serious viral outbreak in the United States. The last major epidemic was in 1915 and the Spanish flu that killed millions worldwide. There are easy ways to avoid getting sick, and that is simply washing your hands when you are out and not touching your face unless you wash your hands first.  The simple rule of keeping your hands away from your head, wearing goggles, breathing mask and disposable Gloves and gown in anyplace that is an outbreak area you greatly reduce your chance of ever getting sick from the viral outbreak. Good luck and be Smart and Survive!!!!

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