Patriot 17 is BACK – Swamp Creature Fired & More to Come


In This Report:

There is more Q for you today!

Everyone’s favorite Anonymous Patriot is back with fresh intel from The Silent War.

Let’s dive right in…

Click “Play” and turn up the sound for this Q decode.

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Election Whistleblowers, Death of Fake News, More States Flip Trump

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  1. Am I the only one who has noticed that Q has convinced all of the good people to sit idly by while the election was stolen from Trump? And now nobody is going out into the streets and demanding from their state legislatures that the ballots be audited? Go ahead, Dummy’s, keep trusting the plan. Do not call your Congress people and demand action, do not call your local election boards and demand action, do not go and dig in the dumpsters behind every Townhall in every city in America because “we have it all”.