President Trump Responds to Corrupt and Criminal Biden DOJ that Wants to Take Presidential Immunity Away from Only Him – Not Joe Biden


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

President Trump responded to the corrupt and criminal DOJ under Joe Biden and AG Merrick Garland and their latest action to use lawfare to attack President Trump. 

On Thursday, the corrupt and criminal DOJ under Biden announced that it was alright for a group of select police officers in D.C. to sue President Trump for the Jan 6 violence.

This “ruling” by the corrupt DOJ comes after this same outfit illegally raided his home in Mar-a-Lago and stole documents from him that were safely secured and protected.  This was a criminal act by the DOJ.  They had no right to raid the President’s home and steal his documents.

The Constant attacks from Obama/Biden’s corrupt and criminal actors who took over the DOJ is unending.  This is why Americans support President Trump because they know that they are next.  The gulag in D.C. is an example of what these animals will do to innocent American citizens.

Presidents enjoy what is referred to as Presidential Immunity but the radical and criminal Biden/Obama gang doesn’t think he should have it.

President Trump responded to these criminals running the DOJ on Truth Social.

President Trump also shared this morning:

The U.S. Injustice Department, which has dangerously become the Radical Left Democrats WEAPONIZED SYSTEM OF LAW, is threatening and harassing many people that work for me, wanting them to say anything bad in order to be left alone or even, set free. They are being carted off to Washington, D.C., and put before a Grand Jury, where the modern day Gestapo does everything in its power to make them look and sound as bad as possible. This Soviet style of “Justice” is going to take down the U.S.A. Bad!

President Trump sees the communist takeover.  The elites are part of it. 


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