Q Posts and Weekly Sunday Livestream — August 25 2019


In this Livestream:

  • The simple business model to beat the censorship problem and make America even greater than before!
  • Mark Abbotts: This is my first time chatting, Dustin… Can you tell me more about your health side of things?  Dustin shares his views on Health, doctors, and taking care of yourself…
  • What big Pharma did to Dustin’s family… the truth may shock you… or, maybe you won’t be surprised…
  • Digging deep into the abortion issue, and the recent Planned Parenthood defunding…
  • Talk about Gold, and nations abandoning the dollar…
  • Is Silver better than Gold?  good question… Dustin reveals his opinion on gold vs. silver
  • A call to share StopBitBurning.com to stand against censorship
  • And much, much more!

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