RedLion Labs Sells Fake Carbon60 Fullerenes, With Proof & 3rd Party Analysis


RedLion Labs Sells Fake Carbon60 Fullerenes, With Proof & 3rd Party Analysis

“Results: C60, 0%, Colourless Solution in Toluene (No fullerene present)”

Red Lion Labs are defrauding their customers, and selling Snake Oil!

Of all the reports we’ve done, this one earned us the most hilarious death threat!

Red Lion Labs, a UK based Carbon60 company that often promotes their fake product with popular C60 experimenting youtuber, K Elmer.

We decided to investigate rumors and buy some samples of their product through another company. Then – we had it third party analyzed by the best in the business.

The results? Horrifying. This popular supplement company is selling something that has 0 fullerenes in it.

After we began conducting our investigation and asking questions – we received this email, by someone describing themselves as “a magician.” which fit’s the RedLion Labs website’s theme quite well in fact – alchemy. Not actual science, but alchemy!

Our third party lab, SOLARIS CHEM INC, is second to none in fullerene analysis capability. They sent us a report that stated this: “Results: C60, 0%, Colourless Solution in Toluene (No fullerene present)”

The conclusion of their lab report?

Fullerenes (C60 and C70) are highly soluble in Toluene to produce magenta (C60,
picture 1 left) or brown (C70) solutions. The sample was found to be completely insoluble in Toluene upon stirring/sonication, giving a colourless solution with black residue floating and settling at bottom (Picture 1, right).

As a reference, the HPLC method of analysis would display C60 with a retention time of about 8 minutes, and C70 with a retention time of about 17 minutes (see reference results above. This reference analysis is not related to the analyzed sample 1 and is given as a reference only in order to identify and compare retention times).

Further injections with a 200X increment in concentration gave also a baseline with no fullerene traces detected. Samples 1 was determined to be a carbon residue containing no C60 and no other fullerenes.

Certified by: Pierre-Louis Brunner, Ph.D.”

When questioned on this, Red Lion Labs produced a document alleging proof of their C60’s content, despite our highly vetted third party analysis. In the interest of covering both sides of the argument fairly, and presenting all the facts – here is their document:

Analysis of C60 samples
Technical report
Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis
School of Chemistry and Chemical
Queen’s University Belfast

It’s conclusion:

In conclusion, HPLC-MS analysis of the submitted samples revealed that the sample from Red Lion Biomedical contains C60, as verified by the similarity to the two commercial C60 samples. Furthermore, traces of C60 were found in the sample of C70 as well as the separated soot sample. Analytical data and technical report compiled by:

Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis

RedLion Labs was trying to claim they had the real deal, yet their lab analysis was conducted before they had changed their product formulation and began to “diy” their own fullerenes (or attempt to, Something Marten at Red Lion Labs would later complain about health issues over) we had undeniable evidence that their product has 0% fullerenes. So we took this document back to Solaris Labs, and here was their reply:


Here is what I replied to Red Lion on the sample as Marten replied to me directly.

“We did received a sample of your product and at least from what we received, we can only say that so far, the material we had to analyse is not C60. I had many sample of C60 as amorphous material and crystals and they all were soluble in organic solvent. Molecular amorphous C60 is more brown than black. Does the material content C60 trapped some how in another Carbon caging material such as glassy carbon or other, I cannot say, but at least some material would have been extracted by the solvents. C60 is a define structure with defined properties. The material we received do not correspond to these characteristics. I do not believe this material can be dispersed in oils neither.

The analysis from Dr Manesiotis seems also a bit odd as to me and I am thinking that it is just a matter of over saturation from injections of too high concentrations (and possibly not all the same for the different materials). This shows well into the C70 graph where all of a sudden, lower concentration of C60 present are displaying correctly. Injection into HPLC if not done correctly would present peak splitting from early mobile phase concentration difference and variation. The method of analysis and injection may need to be reviewed.

We are able to make further testing such as FT-IR, NMR-C13, MALDI TOF-MS, specific refractive index and other tests that can further shed lights on the materials if anyone interested. All these test need to be done on a complete sample. So far, we can only conclude from the tests we have performed that the sample is not C60.

If you wish to send us other samples for analysis and compare, let me know and we would gladly have a look. I always been someone very open minded, but I believe that science need to be supported by, and is based on, strong evidences and reliable data to support any claims and theories.”

Regarding the Greska carbon, it is about the same story but more proof need to be put together. The MS seems to be showing C60. It is already something, but most soot would content C60. The electronic microscopy results are a bit meaningless. C60 is much smaller than 50 nm. It is just showing smaller, more regular particles which can also be consistent with other carbon forms. The elementary analysis shows carbon. This is not surprising and again consistent with other carbon forms.

More tests need to be done, but to me, these materials are strange and do not correspond to pure C60.

Best regards,


Pierre-Louis Brunner Ph.D.


Solaris Chem Inc.”

So, while we await the next reply from The Magician we wanted to warn you about this snake oil salesman. Or is it Snake Carbon Salesman?

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