Schiff in Trouble/ Amazon Synod Signals Next Phase in NWO


In This News Brief:

  • Closed door testimony blows a ‘massive hole’ in Democrats’ impeachment narrative, says Rep. Zeldin
  • House minority leader signs censure resolution against lying pencil-neck Adam Schiff
  • Giuliani says Schiff may be removed as Chairman
  • Ukraine donated the most cash of any country to the Clinton Foundation
  • Antifa Goon sentenced to 18 months for brutal beating that nearly killed Trump supporter
  • Erdogan threatens military action in Syria, US-backed group vows ‘all-out war’ if attacked
  • How new human trafficking legislation will affect Brevard’s hotels and hospitality workers
  • Florida becomes first state to teach human trafficking prevention in schools
  • Trump will deny immigrant visas to those who can’t pay for health care
  • Swedish teen Greta Thunberg lectures Iowans on climate change hoax, ‘Teenagers and children know better than adults’
  • And much, much more!

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