Sean Spicer Says He Will Cooperate With House Investigation: ‘There’s Nothing That I Have to Hide’



Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer says he will cooperate with the House investigation seeking information from 81 people and groups in President Donald Trump’s orbit, insisting that he has nothing to hide about his time in the White House.

Spicer reacted to his naming in the investigation in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, crediting Democratic oversight efforts to the fact that “elections have consequences.”


Spicer called the wide-ranging probe into Trump’s associates “a potential fishing expedition” looking into Trump’s finances and personal relationships.

As for his own role in the investigation, Spicer made clear that he plans to be forthcoming with the committee.



“All I will say is, again, I have seen the reports, and I will do everything to facilitate this investigation,” Spicer explained. “And there’s nothing that I have to hide, so I want a swift conclusion to this whole thing as soon as possible.” – READ MORE

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