Silent War # 6374: Time’s Up: Felony Facts, GOP/Trump: ‘Death For Antisemites’ 600k Babies In Rafah.


In this episode of The Silent War:

Northern Gaza In Grip Of Full-Blown Famine, UN Food Agency Chief Says.

Netanyahu Hoped Hamas Would Reject the Cease-fire Offer. When It Didn’t, He Turned to Sabotage.

Video: Carpetbombed Gaza Housing & Communities.

Top Secret: In a 2018 letter, Netanyahu asks Qatar to fund Hamas.

Jan. 6 Arrests Running At Nearly Double The Rate Of 2023 And 2022: Report.

Uniparty Blocks Bid To Oust Speaker Johnson.

Australian Government Threatens Gab With $500,000 Fine For Refusing To Censor Video.

AstraZeneca Pulls COVID Vaccine After Admitting Rare Side Effect.

Republicans Ready Sanctions On World Court If It Issues Arrest Warrants For Israelis.

Florida Legislature approves bill with new definition of antisemitism.

The House Passes H.R. 6090: A Threat to the Christian Faith and an Affront to Free Speech.

GOP: DEATH SENTENCE FOR ANTISEMITISM – Republican Introduces Bill That Would Send Anti-Israel Campus Protesters to Gaza for Six Months if Found Guilty of Illegal Activity.


College Kids Get It.

600k Babies In Rafah Bomb Zone.

A sample of what they took from you.

Where will we gather? Helm’s Deep time.


In Case You Missed It:

Trump says DEATH PENALTY a proper punishment for “antisemitism” in America

Dustin Nemos Victor Hugo College Protests Israel Gaza Genocide

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