Silent War Ep. 6126: Travis Scott’s Astroworld Satanic Ritual Sacrifice & The One Coming For 28 Million Kids


In this episode of The Silent War:

“It Was Demonic” – AstroWorld Concert-Goers Claim Show That Killed 8 People Was Like a Satanic Ritual.

White House Pushes Schools To Vaccinate 28 Million 5-11 Year-Old Students.

Al Gore’s Latest ‘Solution’ To Climate Change Is Mass Surveillance.

Rittenhouse Witness for Prosecution Admits He Pointed Gun, Advanced First.

UK Considering Legislation That Would Imprison Internet Trolls.

CEO of Pfizer lashing out at truth tellers.

Most Truck Drivers Will Be Exempt From Vaccine Mandates.

Hundreds Of Thousands To Go On Four-Day Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates.

Texas Filling Border Barrier Gaps With Shipping Containers.

Shots Fired in Poland As Thousands of Muslim Migrants Rush Border Crossing – Military is Deployed, Poland Warns “Major Shooting Incident” is Possible.

And more!

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