Silent War Ep. 6238: Jihadi US Schools, Trans Movies, ArmyDrain, ClimateEO Endgame


In this episode of The Silent War:

Mexican President Intervenes With Biden, Renews Asylum Offer For Julian Assange.

Under the Guise of ‘Learning English,’ Boston High School Teaches Newly-Immigrated Students That Physical Violence and Political Assassinations Are a Legitimate Form of “Resisting Oppression.”

CIA Director Issues Warning to Agency After ‘Noose’ Found Near CIA Facility in Virginia.

Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake On Stage CALLS OUT Pence-Endorsed RINO Primary Opponent For “Duping THOUSANDS Of People Out Of Money” – She Was The Very Next Speaker.

Taliban Forces, Teeming with US Weapons, Unite to Take Out Pakistani Government – A Country on the Precipice of Economic Collapse.

LGBT Characters in Nickelodeon’s Upcoming “Monster High: The Movie” Introduce Themselves Using Pronouns.

Biden To Use Executive Powers To ‘Combat Climate Crisis’: ‘Since Congress Is Not Acting As It Should…This Is An Emergency.’

Joe Biden to Deliver Huge Climate Change Speech to 20 People in Somerset… But He Totally Got 81 Million Votes.

Biden Set to PURGE 27.5% of Army (Or More) Who Aren’t Fully Vaccinated Against COVID with Non-FDA Approved Vaccine.

KANEKOA HITS PAYDIRT: Recovered Text Message Should Lead to Joe Biden’s Impeachment and Hunter Biden’s Immediate Arrest.

NASA’s Webb Telescope Suffers “Significant Uncorrectable Damage” After Micro-Meteoroid Hit.

In Case You Missed It:

Why Does NY Governor Kathy Hochul Want Government-Mandated ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Isolation’ Camps Despite This Recent Court Ruling?

US House Committee Moves Forward On Assault Weapons Ban with Zero Republican Votes, More Infringement on The Second Amendment

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