Silent War Ep. 6288: Brazil Communist Coup Escalates, Deaths Rising. Censorship, Immigration, etc


In this episode of The Silent War:

Brazil Launches Formal Investigation Of Bolsonaro, Arrests His Justice Minister, Over Riots,

Joe Biden and the CIA Worked to Install Current Communist Regime in Brazil – This Was All Planned.

“Brazil is Going Full Gulag. This is the Worst Communist Takeover Ever” As Brazils Supreme Court begins to Censor the World.

Illegal Immigration Into Europe Soared By 64% In 2022 To Reach Six-Year High.

“Pretty Soon You’re Going To Be Watching Your Back Every Time You Open Your Mouth” – State Rep. Alex Kolodin Says “Defund The Election Integrity Unit”.

ATF Declares Braced Pistols Illegal, Demands Registration Or Face Jail Time.

Biden’s Move to Put Kill Switches in Cars Tied to Global Agenda.

Mayor Eric Adams Says New York City At A ‘Breaking Point’ As Migrants Continue To Arrive At Record Pace.

Whistleblower Reveals Illegal Aliens In New York City Hotels Are Having Public Sex, Drinking All Day, And Spreading Diseases.

Biden Administration to Illegals: Snitch On American Citizens to Avoid Deportation.

State AG: Federal Agency Was “Weaponized To Suppress Domestic Speech”.

Why Was Hunter Paying Joe Biden $50k Per Month To Rent House Where Classified Documents Found?

“BBC is the Virus” – At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine.

7th Dead Whale Washes Up Near Planned Green Energy Hotspot – Are Offshore Wind Projects Killing Them?

Biological Male Owner of Miss Universe Proclaims “From Now on it’s Going to be Ran by Women”.

Groomers with Guns Greet Child Protection Activists at Dallas All-Ages Drag Event.

New York City Health Officials Admit Omicron Subvariant Is More Likely to “Infect” Vaccinated People – And Yet Continue to Urge Residents to Get Vaccinated.

Zelensky is destroying Ukraine – exiled opposition leader.

NATO waging ‘proxy war’ against Russia – Croatian president.

West Virginia Delegate Introduces “Legal Tender Act,” Would End Taxes on Gold and Silver.


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Joe Biden and the CIA Worked to Install Current Communist Regime in Brazil – This Was All Planned

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