So much is going on this week!


So much I can barely keep up with it. But please take a moment to watch this very inspirational video from Stefan Molyneux


  1. You are a treasure. Love your personality, family, daughter, pets, attitude, perspective …

    Thanks for the C-60 input. I gather you mix your own. It’s not clear from your source–sounds like 1 g = one gram??? 2 prices for 1 gram???

    I assume my maple trees with about 10″ or more diameter are big enough to tap? When in the year? Spring?

    What do you most like to grow besides maple trees?

    God’s best to you and those you love …really.

  2. Gday Dustin , I hope this gets through. I am a Dad of 2 boys 9 and 11. You spoke in your latest vid about money having valve ETC. My boys run the family veg patch. They borrow money from the bank (Dad) with terms and conditions and interest rate for seeds tools fertilizer (Organic) . They pay rent of the land and water use charges. They sell there produce to Mum and Dad for 10% less market price, excess produce is sold to the neighbors. This environment creates a situation were they are careful with there money and the things they buy are taken care of more so than other kids. They have to deal with the complaints from the customers ,bad weather, dud crops ETC. They have cut there costs of late buying investing in earthworms to negate the cost of fertilizer. They have even called a meeting with the bank to discuss new terms of the loans that they have outstanding. I cant begin to explain to you how they think now they look for other opportunities and want to know more about gold and silver and whether they should get a loan or use there capital. I am so proud of them and it is good entertainment to see them try and get one or two over the bank and landlord, Hahaha, They have even tried extortion in the past and threaten said landlord and bank “if I have to do my home work there wont be any veggies for the family, they found out about competition quickly. This simple exercise in commerce and real life is way more beneficial than standardized school work. Eisenstein ” If we judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree , it will spen the rest of its life feeling that it is stupid” Anyway Mate take care and enjoy Your daughter and thankyou for all you do. Kind Regards Aj